Tanya Cristina always wanted to sing. She just had to figure out a way to tell her family she wasn't going to be a doctor. Or a lawyer. 'The passion for music and performing was definitely there all along, but the bravery came later.' Her mother Beatriz was a child prodigy who gave up a career as a concert pianist in her teens, after playing none other than Carnegie Hall at the tender age of 6. Having escaped the uncertain future that often comes with life as a musician, she was determined Tanya would never follow in her musical footsteps. After much soul searching, and quite a few day jobs, Tanya chose to follow her dreams. 'I tried other things,' Tanya says, 'but there was no escaping it. There was nothing else I loved as much or felt as natural to me. I’m the truest, freest and bravest version of myself when I’m singing and writing music.'

Tanya entered a UK singing competition in 2009 where she performed Perfectly, the first song she’d ever written, and was awarded runner up. By 2010 she had a manager and was releasing her debut single in the NCM gospel charts. Later that year, shortly after the release of her Christmas single Don’t You Know she parted company with her manager and became an independent recording artist. She decided to move away from the gospel music scene and back to her first love. 'I grew up on soul music. I was listening to Nina Simone whilst all my friends were listening to The Spice Girls. I loved listening to women with big belty voices singing from this totally raw and vulnerable place.'  In September 2012, with a tiny budget and only one day to record all the vocals, she produced her debut acoustic album, Small Woman, Big Voice.

After taking a short break in 2013 to be with her mum, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away just a few months later, Tanya is now more committed than ever to her music. After performing with her band at the beautiful and prestigious Kings Place, London, in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support, and singing in over 12 cities on a music tour in the USA, she is currently seeking new management and working towards another album. 'I was trying to do 10 different people's jobs as an independent artist, but I realise now is the time to get a really good team behind me and chase after those dreams.'

A talented up-and-coming singer-songwriter, Tanya Cristina's love of soul comes across in every word she sings and every note she hits. With an astounding vocal range, and a power that belies her small stature, be prepared to be moved and inspired by this small woman with a big voice...

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